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Founded in 1980 A. Ferreira & Filhos, SA (AFF) is a family owned company specialized in knitted items.

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The range of products covers apparel e.g. men’s, ladies and children´s knitted articles and home soft furnishings e.g. throws, blankets and cushion covers. It is situated approximately 50 kms from Oporto in Caldas de Vizela which is within the region of Vale do Ave and has a production capacity of 300.000 pcs. AFF´s production ability to meet the necessities and standard requirements of the various markets allows the factory to work with total flexibility for the Private Label sector.
The attitude of our young yet professional and dynamic team is the backbone of long lasting partnerships established with notable brands both in the local and international markets. AFF is equipped with the most updated technology and our technicians know-how and expertise guarantee the high quality standard of the final product at a very competitive price.

Research, Development & Inovation

Aferfi contributes to continuous growth of technological know-how of the Portuguese textile industry worldwide.

CEP - Uniforms Project

Multi-Functional garments incorporating comfort/ ergonomy/ protection, with maximum index to cut and puncture protection according to Standard EN388.

TOWER Project

Interdisciplinary development and research in sustainable architecture field that aims to demonstrate the innovative solutions that knitted textiles can offer to "green cities" industry; (lightweight, low cost and environmentally friendly constructions).


Our Products

At AFF we develop and produce a wide range of quality products for our customers. From men’s and women’s fashion to baby clothing and home furnishings we have an eye for detail and guarantee the highest level of quality. We are specially proud of our own brand Wedoble, for babies, concentrating in the age gap 0-12 months. It pays tribute to our ongoing innovation, know-how and experience.

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Latest News

AFF and the hybrid tower project in Design Boom
February, 14th of 2017
We have recently posted about the "Hybrid Tower" project, to which AFF made an important contribution. The architectural structure was on show during the 2016 Edition of Contextile - Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art in Guimarães until October 2016. Now the project receives praise from the prestigious Design Boom digital magazine.

ITA employs bespoke materials in "hybrid tower" of textile architecture
Research and Development
August, 22th of 2016
The AFF Research Team has been developing innovative solutions in the field of sustainable architecture recently... READ MORE
«The Textile is a Party» event
July, 11th of 2016
It is our great pleasure to share with our customers and friends our participation in the event "The Textile is a Party". The initiative... READ MORE
Jersey installation
June, 8th of 2016
Our passion for jersey has no limits. We have just decorated the entrance to our offices with this lovely panel, produced by hand by our team!

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Jersey Installation